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Did you hear something?

There you are, minding your own business, working away happily in your studio on your print campaign when out of nowhere… RAAWR!! New Media strikes. What you need is to eliminate your fear by booking a Heresy Digital Marketing Workshop – right now!

I can code anything… anything. Yeah. Anything.

Time moves on and so do the skills you need to do what you used to. But how do you have any idea how to hire the right geek to bring your concept to life? You learn who’s full of it and who knows what they’re talking about at Heresy Digital Marketing Workshops.

Challenges for the age of new media.

The new media monster horns in on all aspects of your life. Learn how to harness its crazy superpowers for your own good, instead of a mere distraction from productivity. Book a Heresy Digital Marketing Workshop today.

Web shops go up.
Web shops go down.

You’re the one with all the skills, knowledge, and experience — not these kids who are obsessed with the Nintendo DS and texting. Web shops come and go, but you’ve got creativity, brand strategy, and business knowledge on your side.

New media sneak attack

Protect yourself from all the dangers and sneak attacks of new fangled media with a Heresy Digital Marketing Workshop. Heresy, transforming traditional marketers into digital-savvy marketing leaders.

The New Media Monster

Feeling like media has become a monster, laying waste to your old passions? Heresy Digital Marketing Workshops take the mystery out of new media, showing you firsthand how your expertise in traditional marketing and branding can play a pivotal role in the new digital age.