Digital Strategist, Creative Director, Business Leader. Josh possesses the rare combination of skills that allow him to excel at all three. While at Enfatico, he consistently demonstrated what it takes to be a leader in a demanding, dynamic, global organization. His intense focus on results coupled with his strong work ethic motivated team members to rise to their best. I strongly endorse Josh as a business partner, digital pioneer and all-around great guy.

David Shulman
Global CEO, Organic

I worked with Josh while I was with Nokia as their Director for Marketing Services (Asia Pacific). Even at that time I realised that he was way ahead of his time and a visionary. Looking back, he was in a difficult position - selling a then new medium in the era of traditional advertising. But he believe in it, pushed it hard and got us to take bold steps into the digital space, which made Nokia one of the pioneers to much accolade.

Josh suggested creative and effective digital recommendations but more than that, he educated the client on the importance and need for digital marketing. This was in 1997, if I recall correctly.

It was always very stimulating working with him and I was personally stretched - for the better. In some ways, I can credit Josh for Nokia Asia Pacific's foray into the digital space. On a personal level, Josh is a great intellectual sparring partner and working with him has made me more digitally aware, a trait that came in useful many years later as I moved on to other jobs and eventually into my own business.

Danesh Daryanani
Director of Marketing Services (Asia Pacific), Nokia Mobile Phones

Josh was a pleasure to work with as the Global Creative Director / Director of Digital Strategy & Operations at WPP's Enfatico agency. He has great depth in digital with innovative ideas and ready to solve operational mode. He has a very positive attitude with excellent client service. I hope to work with him again soon.

Zita Cassizzi
Vice President of Global Online, Dell

Josh is an incredibly talented creative leader. He is an expert in digital strategy and cross-channel creative development, and has the rare ability to effectively bridge offline conceptual work with the dynamics of the online space. He played a pivotal role in the strategy and execution of a broad range of B2C and B2B campaigns for Dell that delivered important results for the business. As a member of the senior leadership team of Enfatico and the operational leadership of our Austin office, Josh provided inspiration and tireless hands-on guidance to a global team under thoroughly challenging client demands and in the context of scaling a new organization with an ambitious mission. He is a fantastic team player and pleasure with whom to work.

Torrence Boone
former CEO, Enfatico, currently Managing Director, Google

It has been a great pleasure to work with Josh. He is incredibly smart, savvy, quirky and patient. He jumped into the "Dell machine" and very quickly built strong client and internal team relationships. He is committed and passionate about everything he does. As a creative and strategic digital leader, he has mastered his field, yet continues to look for innovative and business building techniques for his client. And...as a less digitally savvy colleague, he played a great role as teacher. I would work with Josh again in a heartbeat!

Lara Griggs
SVP, Business Development Director, North America at Young & Rubicam

Josh has been a great business and thought partner. He has a holistic understanding of interactive technologies and has been working in the field more or less since it's inception. One of the things that's most impressive about Josh is his versatility. He's obviously strong as a creative talent, but he's also a great manager and motivator of people as well as someone who possesses a lot of good business acumen and sales skills. Josh can do a lot of things well and contribute in many ways to an organization.

Eskander Matta
Vice President, eBusiness and Business Transformation at Blue Shield of California

Josh is a polymath. He is gifted with lots of intellectual horsepower, has applied it to developing his abilities in a range of fields and is quite simply one of the most brightest and most talented human beings I have ever worked with. He combines business talent, rich aesthetic literacy, encyclopaedic technical knowledge, near prescient foresight, a passion for innovation, tremendous energy and deep spirituality. Josh digests vast amounts of knowledge at high speed and then puts it to practical, productive use immediately. As a simple example Josh learned from scratch and then worked in several programming languages during the time we worked together, on one occasion in the space of a weekend to address a major opportunity.

Mike Langton
Executive Chairman, XM Asia

Josh led his team to provide the consulting, design and implementation of a start up online business for Compaq. He was most innovative, creative and inspirational, resulting in the successful launch of a new business model and growth opportunities for Compaq.

Edwin Huang
formerly Director of eCommerce, Compaq and currently VP and General Manager, HP

It's hard to believe that I've known Josh for almost a decade, and so it's a bit odd to formalize a recommendation for him, though I can think of very few people in this industry more deserving of one. We were competitors for many years, and I always respected his skills and ethos then. When the chance finally came up, I spent almost 3 years working to get him to join my company as our creative head. I knew that his joining BLUE would be a transformative hire. Josh is much more than 'a creative', he has a strong business understanding, an incredible ability to rally teams, and a fantastic rapport with clients. With Josh: You get what you see, and what you ask for will always get done, and probably better than you ever imagined it. I believe he's one of the best in our industry…

Jay Shapiro
Chairman - BLUE Group, WPP

Josh is not one of Asia’s Internet pioneers he is the region's digital pioneer. When I joined XM in 1999 I learned an incredible amount from him in a very short time frame. Josh combines a strong sense of creativity with a balanced technical understanding which allows him to push the creative envelope where others stop. His quick wit and ability to solve complex problems makes working with Josh a pleasure and guarantees you will always learn something you didn’t know before.

Ken Mandel
Vice President Advertising Sales and Marketing, Yahoo! Asia Pacific

Josh is one of the brightest digital creative leaders I have worked for in the business. He is highly strategic, thinks broadly and conceptually and let's his people do what they do best. He is all about creating big brand building ideas while not limiting his thinking to digital channels alone. I would work for him anytime...and if you get a chance, so should you.

Alan Schulman
Chief Creative Officer, SapientNitro NYC

I met Josh when in the midst of a huge crisis. Unrealistic client expectations based on decisions to launch a program in a country thousands of miles away. Josh however was the picture of calm. His knowledge of the creative and technology involved, ensured that he was able to manage the heightened stress levels over time zones. Patiently talking to all the parties involved, creating task forces, with clearly assigned responsibilities ensured the job got done. To great success. Since then I have watched Josh continually marry creative and technology to deliver practical commercial digital solutions to several clients. Josh is an ideal digital business partner for any global business.

Harish Vasudevan
Business Unit Head, Ogilvy Africa

I was lucky to meet Josh in Singapore when he did the creative work for Nokia Mobile Phone's Asia Pacific website. Great personality with unbelievable talent; without him the success of nokia-asia.com would not have been possible!

Martti Ranin
Regional Marketing Manager, Nokia Mobile Phones Asia Pacific

Possessing a keen eye, quick wit and intimidating combination of right-left brain intelligence, Josh makes the ideal digital creative. He's also a pioneer in the field, programming, hacking and designing apps on the internet before most people even knew there was one... indeed before the World Wide Web even came into existence. He helped create, nurture and guide XM from a tiny team of newbies into the number one interactive agency in Asia. Strategic, creative, visionary... what more can you say?

John Lambie
Regional Creative Director, Enfatico, Bates Advertising, and XM Asia

A creative director who *codes*??? You only find that in the digital world and in XM. (Josh) taught me my first lessons valuable lessons about usability, technology, and discernment about all the buzz that's constantly going on about the Internet - lessons that remain with me to this day, ingrained. Ok, I never caught on about creative, but that's ok cos that was Josh's domain. There are few who can match his knowledge & experience. It was a honour to have worked with him

Jennifer Hoe
Director of Business Operations, Yahoo! Southeast Asia

If there's one person who can live up to the title of the "All around web guy", that's Josh Sklar, a consummate professional who expects nothing short of perfection. The man was already creating webpages and experimenting with the latest technology when most of our present web constituents were probably still playing in the sandpan. … he's probably also one of the smartest guys I've ever worked with.

Yuen Han Tham
Chief Operating Officer, XM Asia

Josh is one of the earliest pioneers of internet advertising in Asia and continues to be the best.

Josh was hired in the pre-internet days in July 1996 as the founding Creative Director of what was then Bates Interactive. Josh secured key accounts such as Nokia Mobile Phones, ESPN STAR Sports, Discovery Channel, and Shanghai General Motors. He quickly established Bates Interactive as the leading Internet agency in Singapore and Asia. He really was truly a pioneer in those early days, developing innovative award winning work by using the Internet to enhance our client’s communications strategies as well applying it to true cost saving automation efforts. Josh was constantly sought after by the regional press and as a well-known Internet expert in the region. He still writes a regular column for one of the regional trade publications in Asia and people still quote Joshwhen discussing the Internet here.

Under Josh's leadership, Bates Interactive progressed to become CCG.XM Asia, part of our global interactive network. During his time in Asia, Josh made the difficult jump from Executive Creative Director to CEO of the Agency. He skillfully managed a dual role as ECD/CEO during the Internet boom years when the company experienced record growth. CCG.XM in Asia continues to be one of the leading interactive consultancies in the region because of Josh's initial efforts to develop and train a world-class team. After his track record of success in Asia and the establishment of a very strong and stable CCG.XM team, Josh was promoted to global role of Chief Creative Officer at CCG.XM's HQ in NYC.

Josh is definitely a rare talent in our industry. He possesses skill sets not normally existing in one individual. Such as the ability to be very pragmatic and business focused but with the creative flair and insight of a world class Creative Director. Also, his understanding of Marketing & Technology and how they are fused together was key to his success as a strategic consultant to the top Blue Chip brands he advised while working for us.

I would highly recommend Josh Sklar to your organization and I would not hesitate to offer him employment again if the opportunity arose.

Jeffrey Yu
President, Bates Asia; Chairman, Bates141; Chairman, 4As (Association of Accredited Advertising Agents) Hong Kong

Josh is the perfect marriage of innate creative talent and robust technical knowledge. His work as a creative director and business strategist bears testament to his meticulous attention to the tiniest details and a knowledge base that is both broad and deep. His focus never shifts from the long-range vision of the campaign, the client, or the company, and his lofty standards never waver. Josh brings original insight not only to creative projects but business operations. And his skills as a leader and mentor support both the growth of each individual and the team as a whole...In other words, he is irreplaceable!

Joan Randall
Assistant Director of Communication and Marketing, Texas Association of School Boards

I had the privilege of working under Josh Sklar at Enfatico. Josh is not only a visionary, but a powerful communicator with the ability to clearly illustrate his ideas and solutions in a way that only few leaders can demonstrate.

James (Jay) Irion
Digital Program Manager, Enfatico