About Heresy

Hot air balloon dropping digital goodnessThe future has been rewritten. The intersection of marketing and technology is transforming the industry, redefining what audiences demand from marketers who seek to engage them. This revolution, inevitable and overdue, has given marketing and advertising professionals in every part of the world a single choice: evolve or be left behind.

Heresy was formed in response to this critical opportunity. Headed by marketing veteran, strategist, and Chief Creative Officer Josh Sklar, Heresy aims to reinvent and empower the global marketing industry for success in the digital age. The company leverages a worldwide network of accomplished agency professionals to challenge the status quo where it has failed and transform today’s traditional marketers into the digitally-savvy marketing leaders of tomorrow.
Heresy, LLC World Headquarters
From their US Headquarters, Heresy offers executive team counseling, one-to-one mentoring for key personnel, and interactive group workshops. All programs are designed to deepen your organization’s understanding of the digital age, the evolving audience behaviors it enables, and the ways your business must evolve to conquer it.

- Discovery
- Recommendation reports
- Evaluations (staff, process, structure, output)
- Writing/Coordinating RFPs for new media projects
- Ideation/Blueprints
- Interviewing/screening candidates
- Mentoring
- Master classes and Workshops
- Creative Director-for-rent

Our virtual ad agency site: heresy.co.

Interested in New Business Development for Heresy? Email bizdev@heresy.me.